12 Aug 2012
August 12, 2012

RY4 E Liquid

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RY4 E Liquid: 4 Commonly Asked Questions

The RY4 e liquid is considered as one of the best flavored e-juices for electronic cigarettes in the market. It makes use of special flavorings that is mixed with the essence of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla to bring out its unique and individual taste, flavor, and odor. This kind of uniqueness is one of the reasons why many vapers prefer to use it to refill the cartridges of their electronic cigarettes. With a wide tradition of bringing excellent taste to the industry, it has garnered a considerably large following even for those who prefer e-juices that are made in the United States.

Originally produced by the Ruyan Group Limited under the Chang Ning Dekang Biological Technology Co., it is one of the few e-juices manufactured outside the United States that has gained the trust and confidence of many electronic cigarette users. It is known for its delivery of subtle tobacco aromas incorporated into the mixture. Vapers can actually have a unique experience of tasting dry tobacco without the sweet aftertaste that is quite indescribable. Some of the questions asked about RY4 e liquid are:

What are the common reasons vapers prefer this e-juice?

Flavor and aroma are two of the defining factors that make it one of the favorite e-juices for electronic cigarette users all over. It is important for vapers to be aware that RY4 e liquid contains the most nicotine level compared to other e-juices in the market today. This is because an e-juice would contain anywhere from 25 mg to 27 mg compared to about 18 mg to 24 mg for other brands.

This amount of nicotine contributes to an exceptional throat hit that will simulate any smoking sensation even for the heaviest of tobacco cigarette smokers. This relatively high nicotine concentration is likewise ideal for heavy smokers who want to shift to electronic cigarettes. By getting the same type of sensation, flavor, and taste, they can gradually reduce the nicotine level as they slowly get used to the device.

An added incentive is that the flavor and aroma lingers longer in the mouth, allowing the craving to smoke to be reduced substantially. Compared to other e-juices, it can produce greater intensity mist with every puff. For some vapers who have tried this brand of e-juice, they have never used any other brands after.

Is the product considered safe?

It is common for customers to be concerned with the safety of the product that they are taking. This is especially true with RY4 e liquid considering that it has high concentrations of nicotine in its e-juices. However, when you consider the toxicity of tobacco and its byproducts, this is comparatively safer because it comes in diluted form. This does not mean that there are no risks involved, but compared to the established harmful effects of tobacco cigarettes, this product can be considered safe.

It should however be pointed out that despite the seeming benefits, this product is in no way a type of smoking cessation device or aid. It is merely an alternative form of smoking that pollutes the environment less and minimizes the occurrence of second- and third-hand smoke. The safety of the product also extends to the fact that it cannot be a cause of fire, because there is no flame involved.

With the mist-like vapor it produces, people can be assured that harmful carcinogens are absent. The nicotine levels also range quite distinctly, which means that it is up to the electronic cigarette user to determine the level he wants to use. This in essence makes this product relatively safe for the vapers as well as those around them.

What are the technical and financial advantages of RY4 e liquid?

From a technical aspect, this e-juice is designed to directly proceed to the lungs to allow the flavor secrete an exotic bliss. The mist that is produced is likewise denser and heavier compared to any type of cartomizers in the market, which means that it responds better to the heating element of electronic cigarettes. When combined with an exceptional performing battery, vapers can expect even better vapor production.

On the financial aspect, this product is widely considered cost effective. This is because it can be used repeatedly without incurring excessive expenses. Considering the cost of traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is definitive that the cost of e-juices can be as much as 50% less especially when considered on the long-term. Since many of the carcinogens have been drastically reduced or removed, potential cost of healthcare is also lessened.

Why is this product considered as the best?

Establishing a reputation for excellent cartomizers and flavors, it has been considered as the best by many electronic cigarette users because compared to other tobacco flavored blends; it produces the closest to the authentic taste, look, and flavor. Mixing the tobacco with caramel and vanilla also delivers the benefit of a lingering taste that is satisfactory to vapers, but without the annoying foul odor for people around them.

Another reason is that, other brands usually stick with basic tobacco only to produce the flavor. This brand on the other hand mixes three distinct components to come up with a single flavor that incorporates the best among the ingredients involved. In fact, many vapers attest to the fact that the flavor makes an immediate impact on their taste buds within two seconds after taking a puff on the electronic cigarette.

With the cartomizer of this brand designed to be refillable, the cost is also drastically reduced. This means that when an entire kit is finished, vapers have the option of buying new cartridges or simply refilling the ones that they have, depending on the type of kit that they have purchased. The increased strength of the nicotine also makes this the best product for chain smokers to gradually kick the habit and start investing in a healthier lifestyle.

There is no question that less experienced vapers may have potential more questions or concerns in mind. However, dealing with these frequently asked questions will be more than adequate to help them realize the viability of RY4 e liquid products.