15 Aug 2012
August 15, 2012

Pure Liquid Nicotine

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Things To Know About Pure Liquid Nicotine

For those who are not quite aware of the uses of pure liquid nicotine, it is one of the components in what is commonly taking the market by storm as a healthier alternative to conventional smoking, electronic cigarettes. In some quarters, this product is being touted as a viable solution for various smokers to give up the habit completely without necessarily having to go through withdrawal symptoms and other potentially similar problems encountered by those who want to stop smoking.

Although this may sound well for those who have a legitimate desire to stop smoking or find healthier alternatives, getting a better understanding of pure liquid nicotine and its possible uses will help educate people to allow them to identify the difference between what is marketing driven and what is real. It is also important to focus on the fact that part of the difficulty in stopping the smoking habit is the extremely addictive nature of nicotine that is found in every tobacco cigarette. Consider the following things.

Ingredients and characteristics.

The most common source of 99.998% pure nicotine extract in American made products come from tobacco leaves grown in the United States. It is created from the highest quality tobacco, which means the juice is the purest of its kind. The product is also certified by U.S. laboratories to ensure that only the best vaping experience can be received by users. The PG content is hospital-grade and even the VG is certified as Kosher.

This type of pure liquid nicotine can be found in e-liquids made in the United States like RY4 e liquid and High Caliber e-liquid for example. The mixture can vary with some using 100% PG base, while others may prefer for a 100% VG base instead. It is important to understand that such products are considered highly condensed, and therefore are recommended for adult usage only and should never allow children to be exposed to them.

Normally, this type of nicotine that comes from tobacco leaf is flavorless and colorless. In some instances, it may take on a slight yellow transparent oily liquid form that is directly diluted. These are used to refill electronic cigarette e-juice. They can also be part of the ingredients of cessation smoking products like nicotine gums as well as those in pharmaceutical form.

Nicotine quality.

It is vital to point out that users of products that contain nicotine should be aware of the quality that is placed into every product. This holds true even for those that are included in electronic cigarette kits being sold in the market. This is the reason for some of the testing being conducted by the FDA on some of the e-juice in the market, to ensure that they are safe for consumption by customers.

This type of awareness has contributed to the popularity of many American made brands like High Caliber e-liquid and RY4 e liquid. This is not to say that the majority of Chinese made as well as those from other countries are inferior in quality. The main concern focuses on the quality control that goes into the production of the e-juice, which is beyond the control and scrutiny of monitoring and regulating agencies.

Essentially, electronic cigarette users can be assured that when they buy an e-juice made in the United States that has 99.9% nicotine, they can bet every dollar that they are receiving pure liquid nicotine. Based on the random testing made by the FDA, this does not hold true for some of the e-juice that comes from China and other countries. Electronic cigarette users should be aware that these lower quality products can have a corresponding risk on their health.

The role in electronic cigarettes.

When used in electronic cigarette products, this type of nicotine attempts to provide the type of sensation that many smokers receive from tobacco cigarettes that result in nicotine addiction. This type of nicotine is vaporized through a heating element that is powered by a lithium ion battery. When the user inhales the vapor from the electronic cigarette, the battery is activated in such a way that the mixture of nicotine and flavoring releases a mist-like vapor.

It is claimed that this vapor does not contain any carcinogens, contrary to what has already been established with traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is why they are being advertised as safer alternatives for all types of smokers. For heavy smokers, the presence of this type of nicotine is enough to help them migrate from tobacco cigarettes to a more environmentally friendly electronic cigarette.

Aid to smoking alternatives.

There are many innovative products in the market that rely on the presence of pure liquid nicotine to deliver their effect as either a smoking cessation device or healthier smoking alternatives. These products range from nicotine gums and patches, to electronic cigarettes. For many people who are trying to stop smoking, these products represent a viable solution because the addiction based on nicotine is still delivered to the system and can be gradually reduced.

By providing the same level of sensation as a traditional tobacco cigarette, the urge to smoke is decreased substantially resulting in the elimination of harmful toxins introduced into the body and cause danger to the people around them. In the case of electronic cigarettes, aside from the nicotine, the device itself gives the authentic feel of holding a tobacco cigarette which has a psychological effect on the smoker.

By allowing smokers to continue with the hand-to-mouth action, but without the toxins and carcinogens, many potential health risks like second- and third-hand smoke will be eliminated. The introduction of various flavors that go with the nicotine also helps smokers to eventually get rid of the attachment to the tobacco flavor in their mouth.

Strength of the nicotine.

Nicotine used in smoking cessation and smoking alternative products comes in various strengths depending on the individual level of addiction of smokers. For example, a nicotine density of 48 mg means that the concentration is 48 mg per ml and not per bottle. This is equivalent to about 4.8% w/v due to the fact that there are 1,000 mg for every ml. Watering it down to a 50:50 ratio using nicotine-free liquids will result in a 24 mg/ml mixture.

It is important to be aware that these should never be mixed in large batches unless the resulting product has already been tested. Using extremely strong nicotine is ideal only for those who have very strong addiction to the sensation and flavor. Normally, propylene glycol, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, and water are used to dilute the nicotine.

These are five important things that every smoker and electronic cigarette user should be aware of when it comes to pure liquid nicotine.