12 Aug 2012
August 12, 2012

Marlboro E Liquid Flavors

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Marlboro E Liquid

If you have always smoked the very popular Marlboro tobacco cigarettes but you would like to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, you do not need to worry about not getting the same flavor and full bodied taste that Marlboro delivers. This is because there are several brands of e cigarettes that offer Marlboro e liquid flavors that taste just like the original, but without the same negative health effects, malodorous smoke, and second hand smoke risks. Below are four of the best brands that offer Marlboro like liquid nicotine flavors.


EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are currently available in 10 different flavor cartridges. Three of these cartridges come in Marlboro e liquid flavors. If you are craving for your regular Marlboro tobacco cigarettes, you can always depend on these flavor cartridges to provide you with the same flavor that your Marlboro does. These Tobacco flavor cartridges include the following:

Classic Tobacco Flavor – This Marlboro e liquid flavor that EverSmoke offers is perfect for fans of Marlboro Reds. If you want the full-bodied and rich flavor of tobacco, then this is the flavor cartridge for you.

Royal Tobacco Flavor – If you have smoked Marlboro Lights before, then this EverSmoke flavor cartridge will satisfy your cravings. This flavor has a smoother and more refined taste.

Cool Menthol Flavor – This comes in a Marlboro Menthol like flavor so you can enjoy a clean and minty crisp sensation every time you take a puff on the EverSmoke Cool Menthol cartridge.

All of these e liquid flavors contained in the cartomizers of the EverSmoke electronic cigarettes are available in different starter kits. These starter kits include the EverSmoke Basic starter kit, the EverSmoke Premium starter kit, and the EverSmoke Ultimate starter kit. Other flavors include Golden Tobacco, Peppermint Party, Coffee Creation, Peach Passion, Pina Colada, Cherry Crush, and Very Vanilla.

South Beach Smoke

Another brand that offers high quality Marlboro e liquid flavors is South Beach Smoke. This brand offers three Malboro like liquid nicotine flavors available in their flavor cartridges. Whether you are a fan of Marlboro Reds, Marlboro Lights, or Marlboro Menthol, you can rest assure that your needs will be provided for by this brand of quality electronic cigarettes. The Marlboro like flavors include the following:

Tobacco Classic – This is the Marlboro like flavor for you if you want to enjoy both the taste and the sensation of the original and classic Marlboro Reds. This flavor offers a full flavored and richer tobacco flavor.

Tobacco Blue – Very much similar to Marlboro Lights, this is the flavor cartridge that you should choose when you want to experience the light American Tobacco flavor that Marlboro Lights is well known for.

Deluxe Menthol – If you are a fan of Marlboro Menthol, then the Deluxe Menthol flavor should be your choice when it comes to South Beach Smoke e liquid flavors. This will deliver the same clean, crisp, and refreshing taste that Marlboro Menthol does.

The Marlboro e liquid flavors that South Beach Smoke Deluxe electronic cigarette offers can be purchased through three different starter kits. These kits include the South Beach Smoke Deluxe starter kit, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus starter kit, and the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate starter kit. The other flavors available include Chocolate, Peppermint, Peach, Pina Colada, and Vanilla.


Vapor4Life is one of the leading brands that offer Marlboro e liquid flavors. You can choose the Traditional Tobacco or the Traditional Menthol flavor for your Marlboro cravings. This is also the brand of electronic cigarettes that is very popular when it comes to their other liquid nicotine flavors. With more than a hundred cartridge and liquid nicotine flavors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the right one that will satisfy your smoking needs and preference.

Available in six different categories including Tobacco, Fruit, Dessert, Menthol, Beverage, and Coffee flavors, you can experiment with one, two, or more flavors to find out which one is the best for you. Aside from offering great tasting Marlboro e liquid flavors, Vapor4Life is also offering their electronic cigarettes in sixteen different colors. This is the Vapor4Life Titan Model. You can choose from three different Vapor Titan starter kits, which include the Vapor4Life Titan Slim Starter Kit, the Vapor4Life Titan Standard Starter Kit, and the Vapor4Life Titan Ultimate Starter Kit.


Volcano is another brand that carries a large selection of liquid nicotine solution flavors. This include the Marlboro e liquid flavors that are perfect for fans of the very popular traditional tobacco cigarettes. Whether you used to smoke Marlboro Reds, Marlboro Lights, or Marlboro Menthol, you will find the right e liquid flavor in the large selection that this brand offers. The best part about smoking Volcano e cigarettes is that, even if you experience the same taste and sensation that your Marlboro cigarettes provide, you do not have to worry about the same health risks and bad odors.

The liquid nicotine solutions that this brand is currently offering is called Volcano V Liquid. The different Volcano V Liquid flavors, including the Marlboro e liquid flavors, can be purchased through the various starter kits that this brand offers. These starter kits include the Volcano E Cigs VOLCANO Kit, the Volcano E Cigs LAVATUBE, the Volcano E Cigs MAGMA Kit, and the Volcano E Cigs INFERNO Kit. Other available flavors include Aloha Apple, Milk Chocolate, Cherry Lava, Menthol Burst, Vanilla Bean, Kona Coffee, Blue Water Punch, Coocoo Coconut, Pineapple Punch, and Waikiki Watermelon.