20 Aug 2012
August 20, 2012

E-Liquid vs E-Juice

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If you are new to the world of ‘electronic cigarettes’ and ‘vaping’ you are probably working your way through the myriad terminology which, by the very nature of still being relatively young as a ‘movement/industry’ – many terms you are likely to encounter overlap either entirely or partially. As a site dedicated to all things “e-liquid” it would be wrong not to dedicated a page to the now more dominant term’s doppelganger – still a very commonly used one – “E-Juice”.

Is there anything different about “E-Juice” than “E-Liquid”?

In a word: NO

They refer to the same thing – the mixture of  PG or VG and (most often) nicotine and flavoring that is the primary consumable in ‘vaping’ – what creates the heated ‘vapor’ that mimics traditional smoke in any and all forms of ‘electronic cigarettes’.

E-juices are the key behind an enjoyable and flavorful electronic cigarette smoking experience. With just as many varieties, if not many, many more than the brands of e-cigarettes themselves, the flavor liquids will add a whole new dimension to your daily habits at a much lower price point. Why end up paying more for packs of real cigarettes when the urge to smoke hits you at the most inconvenient of times?

Free of any harmful chemicals and additives, common e-juices of today are also safer for you and those around you. Being able to smoke wherever you are is also a perk of modern flavor liquids of today, thanks to the harmless (and sometimes fragrant) vapor they produce. Pair up an e-juice of your choice to an e-cigarette atomizer and battery you already own, and enjoy a tasty and healthier smoking session, whether alone or with friends.

Electronic Juices?

The name “e-juice” stems from the purpose they were created to serve: to be used in conjunction with an electronic cigarette. The e-cigarette‘s built-in atomizer effectively vaporizes the e-juices in order to produce water vapor, which simulates the harmful, carcinogen-rich smoke normally found in regular cigarettes.

As harmless vapor, the e-liquids create a breathable substance much better for your health, along with giving you a unique and flavorful taste with every puff. And no, the juices themselves aren’t actually electronic; that would be extremely dangerous. Instead, a safe mix of propylene glycol, sometimes with a vegetable-based core, is used in conjunction with flavor additives.

E-juices come standard with plenty of starter kits and e-cigarette packages on the market today. Products like Vapor4Life’s Titan starter kits come pre-loaded with flavor cartomizers (an atomizer and a flavor cartridge combined into a single package resembling a cigarette filter) for immediate enjoyment. Many other manufacturers offer these kits as standard offerings.

While cartridges and cartomizers have become the standard for bigger e-cigarette companies, other manufacturers have not forgotten the potential that end users themselves can offer. For this, companies release their flavor liquids in bottles, like Volcano V Liquids, to give smokers their own creative freedom over flavor mixtures.

Manufacturers who make e-liquids, and not any other component of an e-cigarette, now exist to bring much better flavor and vapor to adapters of the e-cigarette. With more focus on a single core component of the electronic cigarette smoking experience, a higher level of quality is possible. Some even opt to hand-make each and every flavor right after an order is made to retain freshness and taste.

Separate from the e-cigarette, the world of e-liquids is now a much bigger realm than ever before. Perhaps you might be able to discover the endless flavor possibilities that this integral part of the electronic cigarette can bring to you, if your standards of quality do not settle for anything less than quality.

Why Use E-Juices (and E-Cigarettes in General)

It’s no secret that smoking (or vaping, as many adapters of the device call the act) an e-cigarette is much safer to your health than lighting up a real cigarette. It might not have any health-boosting qualities, but something that won’t put too much strain on your lungs like a real stick of tobacco would is always welcome. It even tastes better to some as well.

While buying a new pack of cigarettes is always a choice when you’d like to have a new taste in your mouth now and then, the cost-effectiveness of e-juices is also one perk of going electronic. Flavors that mimic everything from your favorite brands of cigarettes, to desserts, and even alcoholic beverages, can all be purchased and puffed for your enjoyment.

Flavor bottles can also be mixed around by smokers looking for a personalized touch to existing flavors. Mixing your e-liquids ordered from manufacturers with other, household food and beverage items can also net you interesting results that might work surprisingly well with your existing e-cigarettes.

Nicotine is one of the biggest reasons why people end up smoking copious amounts of regular cigarettes; it’s addictive, and a natural stimulant. E-liquids can also contain dosages of nicotine, as the substance is not inherently harmful in itself. Dosages of pharmaceutical-grade nicotine ranging from low to extra large amounts (up to 40mg with some manufacturers) can be chosen by smokers before an order is shipped out.

If you’d rather stick to the flavor offerings that e-cigarette manufacturers give you pre-loaded in cartridges, then you still have a great variety of flavors to choose from. Companies like EverSmoke and South Beach Smokes have plenty of great-quality and great-tasting flavor cartridges and cartomizers ready to use with your e-cigarettes.

Cartomizers and cartridges will also have many of their own visual styles for you to choose from. Express yourself even further with a plethora of designs offered by e-cigarette companies while you enjoy different flavors at the same time. If you have an e-cigarette battery or cartomizer that already has a design you like, then refilling them with e-juice bottles should suffice.

The world of e-cigarettes is just as accessible as it is varied. From the batteries, accessories, and flavor liquids, you’ll find no shortage of an electronic cigarette that will be uniquely yours from top to bottom. Expressing yourself even more creatively is especially possible with new recipes for vapor; with e-liquids, you’ll be well on your way to stunting your tobacco habits, and enjoying the great taste, too.