15 Aug 2012
August 15, 2012

E-Liquid Recipes

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While new flavor cartridges and cartomizers are widely available across the many, many manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids can even be made at home with your own recipes. Discovering a whole new world of creative possibilities can be an enticing way to explore new kinds of flavors, and even save some money otherwise spent on new flavors in the process. And it won’t cost you much, if anything at all.

Simply taking the electronic cigarette apart can also be as easy as creating an all-new e-liquid recipe for your smoking enjoyment. Perhaps the only part of the process you will need to spend money on are the tools to disassemble your e-cigarette flavor cartridges or cartomizers with; after that, it will be smooth sailing if you know what you’re doing. In fact, refilling your e-cigarette with a new, home-made flavor can be easy to learn if you don’t know anything at all about it.

First Things First

Before you start refilling a flavor cart with your own recipes, you’ll need to make sure you have all the tools to do it. Make a short checklist of the items you’ll need on your work table when you decide to make refills of e-liquids. If you don’t know what to bring when you start working, then here are some recommendations that we can make:

Do all your work on a large, flat and smooth surface that is comfortable and easy to work on. Keeping your work area well-lit will also help facilitate the e-liquid recipe creation and replacement process.

An eyedropper can be used to refill a flavor cartridge drop by drop for exact refill amounts every time.

A bright-colored mat can also be useful when you separate the individual components of an e-cigarette. Here, you can lay out the components for easy access, and will even help you see what you are doing a little better.

A small screwdriver small enough to fit into the hole of the cartomizer or flavor cartridge should be kept around at all times. If not a screwdriver, then simply something thin and solid enough to fit into the tiny hole will suffice. It needs to be relatively rigid, so that it does not bend when you use it to remove the cartomizer lid.

A syringe can also be a much quicker way to refill an e-liquid cart, if you have one around. They are relatively affordable and easy to find, but just be careful not to let your children or loved ones get near the needle point.

When you have what you need to replace the e-liquid cart, here’s how to disassemble it:

The small screwdriver or other pointed object can be used to pry off the end of the cartomizer where you take a puff. Simply insert the screwdriver into the hole, and gently pry off the filter head.

Along with the filter head, there may be a small, rubber grommet that holds the filter head in place. This prevents a leakage of the flavor liquids inside, so keep it handy.

Use an eyedropper to put in your e-liquid recipe into the flavor cart. If you don’t have an eyedropper, then try to pour in the e-liquid yourself, gauging the amount poured into the cartridge or cartomizer.

Once you are finished, carefully re-assemble the top of the flavor cartridge again. Be careful not to forget the rubber grommet, or other parts of the flavor cartridge.

This procedure should be easily done throughout most common brands of e-cigarettes. If you feel that you are causing damage to your flavor cartridge, then stop immediately.


Recipes for E-Liquid Cartridges


Creating your own takes on popular e-cigarette flavors can be done right from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve already figured out how to disassemble an electronic cigarette flavor cartridge, then you can start making your own recipes out of everyday food and drink items, and more. If you don’t know where to get started, then look to these examples for inspiration:

Tobacco – The flavorful tobacco found in your favorite packs of cigarettes can be recreated, without any actual tobacco! Along with three to four drops of your favorite e-cigarette tobacco flavorings, add in 50% part peanut butter, 40% dark chocolate, and 10% cotton candy mix for a sweeter and fuller tobacco flavor.

Strawberry – A fruity spin on your smoking habits can be had with a bit of this potent strawberry mix. Consisting of about 75% of unflavored base liquids, add 10% part strawberry, 10% cream mix, and 5% part Graham cracker mix and vanilla flavoring. Mix them in beforehand for a smoother flavor.

Chocolate Mint – While the two parts of these flavors are common flavor you can find on electronic cigarette manufacturer offerings, combining the two can give a unique taste. Combine 70% part chocolate flavoring with 30% menthol, spearmint or other equivalent mint flavorings, and enjoy the mix of sweet and cool with every puff.

Mixing, matching and trying out your own flavors can be a great way to spend a day off, or when you feel like doing something creative with a day off. At the same time, you will be much closer to helping defeat a dependence on tobacco products; a real win-win situation. Your own e-liquid recipes will have as many possibilities as your imagination can allow!