15 Aug 2012
August 15, 2012

Dekang E Liquids

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E-liquids from most electronic cigarette manufacturers such as Vapor4Life and EverSmoke will all have been sourced from Dekang at one point or another. As the largest producer of e-liquids in ghe globe, then provide their products to nearly every major manufacturer of e-cigarettes in the world. This large-scale operation uses state-of-the-art technology and sustainable production methods to create the best-quality mass-produced e-liquids available today.

Dekang also creates e-liquids in many kinds of packaging to serve all kinds of customers. People wanting convenience can go straight for their cartridges and cartomizers that are ready to use with e-cigarette batteries, or in flavor bottles that can be mixed and matched for personalized flavors. If mass-produced products aren’t your thing, then plenty of other alternatives exist if you’d really like something different.

About Dekang The Company

Dekang, also known by Changning Dekang Biotechnology Co. LTD. is the largest producer of e-liquids in the world. According to their website, they produce over 90% of the world’s flavor liquids for use in electronic cigarette products, which are often sold under popular e-cigarette brands in other nations.

Founded in 2003 in Shenzhen, China, Dekang has grown exponentially since its inception. The company’s research and production facilities now take up over 10,000 square meters of space in the region, and is populated with state-of-the-art, FDA-approved factory equipment to boot. Cost efficiency is also possible, creating great-value e-liquids at low, low prices.

The materials they use to create world-class e-liquids are also top-quality. Only pharmaceutical-grade chemicals are used in the production process, along with sustainable raw materials such as vegetables, fruits and spices. All e-liquids created with these materials conform to international and domestic health laws across Europe, America and Asia for safe use across the globe.

Many of their production materials are sourced from grade-A locations and laboratories in the United States. A collaboration between companies with big regional differences ensures a unique synthesis in e-liquid quality, and also allows for better business ties across countries. This can be evident in the many western companies who do actively patronize Dekang‘s e-liquid products as well.

The cost-effective and quality e-liquid formulas that Dekang produces in such large amounts have been adapted by many, many e-cigarette manufacturers in the west. You’ll find their proven formulas and delicious flavor in OEM or rebranded forms with companies such as:

Vapor4Life – Started by a former chain smoker, the company is still run by the same man with a familiarity of e-cigarettes, and how they work. Part of the e-cigarette experience is saving money otherwise spent on expensive packs of cigarettes; a quality Dekang has proven to have in spades.

South Beach Smoke – This highly-rated brand of electronic cigarettes also happens to use Dekang‘s cost-effective e-liquids to bring great quality and value to smokers. You’ll find many starter kits and flavor cartomizers that use Dekang-made liquids to choose from here.

Volcano – From their famed Magma line to their accessory flavor cartridges, saving a little extra dough with Volcano offerings can help you get into the e-cigarette habit. Dekang quality is also present in the flavor cartomizers this reputable company has to offer!

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer flavor cartridges offered straight from Dekang may also be available from these companies, and many others. Lower prices are typical of OEM products like e-liquids, so if you plan on saving another buck or two, look into these product offerings before making a purchase.

Bulk orders of e-liquids and related products are also available directly from Dekang‘s official website. Boxes of flavor liquids in a variety of different flavors can be bought at dirt-cheap prices, and for great vapor quality if you’d rather cut out the middleman from your favorite e-cigarette brands.

Mass Production Alternatives

Just because nearly every e-cigarette manufacturer out there uses Dekang-made flavor cartridges doesn’t mean that’s the only choice you have when it comes to flavors. With a little research, creativity, or maybe even both, you’ll find a new way to use other e-liquids, whether Dekang branded or not.

E-liquids on their own have many possibilities for you to try out:

Dekang also makes flavor bottles, on top of readily-usable flavor cartridges and cartomizers widely available from other e-cigarette manufacturers. Flavor bottles can be used to try out new flavors for even cheaper, and for storage purposes.

If you have Dekang e-liquid bottles or cartomizers lying around the house, you can mix and match flavors to your heart’s content. Discover a whole new flavor that you will end up enjoying for smoking sessions to come!

Alternative companies who offer hand-made flavors can also be found if you look hard enough. Many of these smaller business mix your e-liquids only right before you place an order for maximum freshness and flavor.

While Dekang does hold its dominant market share for good reason, trying out different products will add greater variety to an already-diverse range of e-liquids available on the market. Switch between your favorite e-cigarette brands whenever you want a new taste in your mouth, or stick with your preferred brand if you are simply trying to display your brand loyalty.

The e-cigarette experience is different for absolutely everybody from the lifelong chain-smoker to the person who has never touched a cigarette before. Either way, Dekang offers its flavor liquids in a quality and price point that is hard to beat in many circumstances!