12 Aug 2012
August 12, 2012

Altsmoke High Calibre E-Liquid Review

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7 Favorite High Caliber E-Liquid Flavors By AltSmoke

As one of the more popular American made brands in the electronic cigarette market, High Caliber e-liquid has commanded a relatively huge following due primarily to its varying nicotine strengths as well as an abundance of flavors. The ingredients also play a vital role because aside from being some of the finest quality used in e-juices, they are also USP Verified. The high quality of the e-juice is maintained by mixing the concoction in laboratories based on the orders of customers as passed on by suppliers.

The result is that customers and users of electronic cigarettes benefit from the tastiest, freshest, and most consistent vapor in the industry. With huge attention paid to consistency, reliability, and safety, many electronic cigarette vapers readily prefer this brand over others being sold in the market. Due to the high demand for this high quality product, there are many online vendors that carry it, making it extremely easy to buy, especially with the comparatively affordable price tag. Some of the favorite High Caliber e-liquid flavors are:


Normally available in 18 mg, it is made from 100% propylene glycol (PG) and produces a scent that is sweet to the nose. It keeps up with its cinnamon inspired variance making it a bit perfumy. Over all, the throat hit it delivers is quite good considering it is from pure PG juice. The quality of vapor production is also quite excellent despite the absence of vegetable glycerin (VG) in the mix.

Those who love cinnamon will be pleased with the soft and pleasant delivery as they inhale the electronic cigarette. There is no question that the flavor will begin to shine as the vaper exhales the inviting and soft cinnamon body. Unlike other similar flavors of e-juice in the market, the High Caliber e-liquid is neither overly spicy nor hot, but is rather aromatic and sweet, which makes it enticing just like cinnamon food instead of cinnamon flavoring.

Vapers should not be surprised with the presence of an understated flavor that is somewhat buttery and sweet cream cheese frosting flavored. Undoubtedly, it would be quite easy to tell that it truly delivers that cinnamon roll taste and flavor that can be extremely satisfying. This is definitely a good e-juice choice to consider.

Black Cherry Bomb

Distributed in 12 mg packs, it is considered as one of the best e-juices to ever hit the market. With the company earning the reputation of delivering some of the purest e-juices for electronic cigarette products, vapers can only expect the best from this particular flavor. There is no question that with just one smell, the taste will be very easy to predict, and may perhaps be one of the more flavorful and full body variants vapers can experience.

Essentially, the underlying motivation is to be able to bring forth the best product quality possible to enhance the vaping experience. With the Black Cherry Bomb flavor, a 50%-50% mix of PG and VG was used to create a blend that will deliver brilliant vapors that combine with good throat hit. The overall taste is a bit sweet with the Black Cherry taste obviously rising to the top with every puff that vapers make.

Fire Cured Virginia

Another one of the innovative High Caliber e-liquid products to hit the market, many vapers suggests that it produces a taste that is a cross between chamomile and apple. Using a 50%-50% mix of PG and VG, it is distributed in 12 mg packs by authorized distributors over the internet. This is one of the few e-juices in the market that appears to be extremely colored, and appears to contain some type of yellow dye.

Vapers should be careful because of the possibility that it can cause some stains on their clothing. Depending on the preference of some vapers, they may choose to further dilute the concentration to deliver the kind of taste that they want. Undoubtedly, this specific flavor appeals to a particular segment of the electronic cigarette industry.

American 55

One of the few flavors that makes use of the 70%-30% ratio for the PG and VG contents; it is likewise delivered in 12 mg packages. Based on a tobacco flavor, it is a little sweeter than some vapers expect from e-juices that are supposed to be tobacco flavored. This particular variant also exhibits some nutty taste that is quite unique and a welcome experience. This of course can work both ways as some vapers obviously would not appreciate the nutty taste. Some vapers may opt to tone down the taste a bit by diluting it.

Honey Comb

Simply by sniffing this flavor, vapers can tell that it can lead to a very promising vaping experience. With the mixture ratio of 50%-50% of PG to VG, vapers will be surprised that is does not deliver an extremely sweet taste to the buds when inhaled. Those who prefer flowery flavors would be delighted to find that exact mix into this concoction that is certainly designed to cater to a whole new vaping experience.

Caramel Cappuccino

The name itself can be quite intriguing and can cause many vapers to try out its 12 mg package. High Caliber e-liquid makes use of a PG to VG ratio of 50%-50% to create a fascinating smell that is really a welcome scent for any type of vaping experience. Considering that caramel has a bitter taste, allowing it to sit in the background to further enhance the cappuccino flavor makes it an excellent choice for vapers who prefer the milky taste in their e-juices.


One of the most basic of flavors in the electronic cigarette industry, this variant however is touted as more superior to others in the market, especially compared to those manufactured outside the United States. There is no denying that the over 900,000 ml sole in the United States is a testament to the kind of vaping experience that his flavor can deliver to every electronic cigarette owner.

The current mixture of 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin produces just the right level and intensity of vapor. Normally distributed in 12 mg and 24 mg packages, this is one of the recommended flavors for electronic cigarette beginners.

Regardless whether beginner or advanced, all types of users can benefit from trying out these High Caliber e-liquid flavors that have proven to be some of the favorite in the market.