Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Hydro Review The Crown 7 electronic cigarette brand offers a novel mini e cig that is worth checking out. In case of mini style e cigs, this brand is really good with its atomizer of higher quality than other brands. However, on the con side, it might incur a few battery.. read more →

Are you a Marlboro brand smoker who is interested in switching over to a vapor cig, but are hesitant about giving up the smooth, rich, full bodied flavor that you’ve grown accustomed to? Would you like to experience the same relaxing taste that you are used to getting from your favorite Marlboro cigarettes without having.. read more →

E-liquids for Parliament Brand Smokers The Parliament cigarette brand, from tobacco leviathan Philip Morris, is older than dirt, or at least it seems so. The brand was introduced in 1931 as one of the first filter cigarettes to be mass marketed, and was popular for its recessed paper filter.  Advertising dwelt on phrases like “only the.. read more →

If you haven’t already made the change to electronic cigarettes, what are you waiting for? You won’t believe how much more enjoyable your life will be once you consistently use electronic cigs. It will be a change you’ll like. You’ll Never be Bored Face it, when it comes to traditional cigarettes, there aren’t many differences.. read more →

dunhill classic tobacco in an eliquid?

If you enjoy your Dunhill cigarette, are loyal to the brand but want to go smokeless, you are probably looking for an e-liquid flavor identical to your favorite Dunhill. While e-liquids are available in a vast range of flavors – hundreds more than plain cigarettes – if you are a die-hard smoker you want to.. read more →