Apollo E Cigs Premium E-Liquids

Apollo E Cigs Premium E-Liquids

Apollo E Cigs Premium E-Liquids come in 21 different variants, this means that there’s a flavor for everyone. Each flavor comes in five nicotine levels, from zero to extra high. Kit buyers can choose from refillable blank cartomizers and have a choice of tobacco, cherry, coffee, vanilla or a variety of five different flavors. It’s quite shocking that Apollo E-cigs aren’t quite as popular in the market, compared with other brands. The packaging is somewhat amazing and it does leave a very good first impression.

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This e-cig produces a satisfying amount of vapor and definitely does not lack vapor. The only downside to it is that it takes quite a while for the battery to charge. Other than that, it works like a dream, delivering a great amount of vapor and giving rich flavor. The extreme starter kits will cost you about $54.95, which is an excellent price considering the quality of the product and what you get in the kit. The kit comes with a personal charging case for free. Most kits only include this for an extra price, which makes Apollo even better.

Flavors Offered By Apollo ECigs in the Apollo E-Liquid Lineup

Many experienced e-cig users have the choice of purchasing refillable cartomizers. Many companies are eliminating this options, which can up the cost of flavor cartridges. It’s nice to see the Apollo is offering a more cost-effective way for users to enjoy their e-cigarette with the flavor that they want and the option of buying pre-filled or blank cartomizers. Here are some of the top flavors available:

This is the perfect flavor for anyone who hasn’t tried an electronic cigarette. It offers no fuss, no muss and just true tobacco taste. After all, people turn to electronic cigarettes in order to get their fix of nicotine that they used to get from a tobacco loaded stick. It’s a familiar taste that many people enjoy, still. This flavor is also available in the starter kits.

The cherry flavored e-liquid is one of the most popular ones available. Apollo created a sweet and juicy flavor that many people, both men and women, love to vape. Unlike most e-cigarettes, the flavor doesn’t go away after a few hits. You’ll enjoy the long-lasting taste of sweet cherries as long as you have a good amount of battery going. This offers very strong flavor and is best for those who really have a sweet tooth.

There are two flavors on the Apollo premium e-liquids list that you’d think you would find at a cafe. Many people usually confuse the two flavors of coffee and cappuccino. Even if you’re not an avid coffee lover, you would be able to tell the difference between these two flavors. This flavor gives the richness of coffee, something perfect for every morning. You can get the taste of a great cup without the caffeine crash. Cappuccino, on the other hand, offers a rich and creamy taste that many people are drawn to.

This is not to be confused with the tobacco menthol flavor. The menthol e-cig liquid of Apollo is a cool, fresh minty flavor that has no hint of tobacco. It’s almost as if you’re vaping a cool fresh breeze. Those who enjoy the methol taste without the tobacco would really love this flavor, although it’s not for everyone. Some people say that this flavor is very mild and the flavor wears off after the initial vapes. Apollo does claim that the flavor is very light, so it might not be the stinging kind of menthol people are used to.

Pina Colada
The Pina Colada flavor is probably the most famous e-cig flavor available. Many brands have it because of its popularity. This is an enticing mix of coconut and pineapple that will leave you feeling as if you were tipsy. It’s a great way to enjoy a pina colada without the alcohol. The first taste is of creamy coconut, after that you get a tangy, zesty citrus flavor. The after-taste is kind of rough and does leave a punch in the throat. But, if you like that sort of thing, this strong and defined flavor is definitely for you.

This flavor has quickly become a favorite among e-cig users. The rich warm toasty caramel flavor blended perfectly with tobacco is definitely something to to try. While most electronic cigarette manufacturers make RY4, competition is tight. It’s a great flavor all-in-all, but maybe not one of Apollo’s strong points. The taste wears off very quickly and is a bit too sweet at the start. However, if you’re looking for a light hit with only a hint of caramel, Apollo’s RY4 is something you should try. You would expect a cult-hit flavor like this to be available in start-up kits, this one might not be Apollo’s greatest, but it still is good.

Vanilla and French Vanilla
Apollo offers both plain vanilla and french vanilla. The vanilla flavor is available with the start-up kit and is instantly a hit. The french vanilla is a new flavor that instantly reached the top-five list of customer favorites. Both flavors are rich, creamy and sweet. They can be enjoyed with the perfect cup of coffee. They offer a bold, yet smooth and light flavor and smell, which lingers in the air. This is definitely one for the candy-loving e-cig users. It’s almost like you’re biting into a sweet vanilla cake!

Apollo's VTUBE kit offers high end Variable Voltage Vaping - You Can Save 20% with our Exclusive Best Apollo Coupon Code EVAPE20

Apollo’s VTUBE kit offers high end Variable Voltage Vaping – You Can Save 20% with our Exclusive Best Apollo Coupon Code EVAPE20

Apollo E-Cigs and Premium Apollo E Liquids – The verdict

As for quality, Apollo offers more than is expected. Each kit comes with a certificate of inspection card which probably means that customer focus is on of Apollo’s priorities. The start-up kits come with a number of e-cig essentials and offer customers a variety of choices.

Apollo E-Cigs is a rapidly growing name in e-cigs and eliquid. The brand has been around for some time now but have been making waves in the last 12 month with promotions such as their truly free ecig offer which aims to give away one million disposables – and more recently in 2013 Apollo is rising in the rank of top e-cigarette brand ratings with their full range of kits that offer everything from ‘mini’ ecigs that are perfect for new vaping ecig users, right through kits for experienced ecig veteran users looking for the best experience possible.

Apollo’s EGO E Cigs and Variable Voltage Vtube provide high-end vaping options that don’t disappoint, especially when paired with the fine selection of absolute best cartomizers and clearomizer/tanks (our favorite being the EVOD and new Kanger PROTANK! with the popular Vivi Nova on offer as well).

Apollo is certainly one of the hottest names to watch throughout 2013 and beyond as one of the only ecig brands offering a full-package product line for vapers of all kinds. The company own their own manufacturing facilities and oversee quality control and every step of production; something very few ecig suppliers can claim. This fact paired with the savvy selection of products that don’t overburden consumers with unnecessary and confusing choices, but still offer best-in-class selections even die-hard vapers would agree are the best cutting-edge ecig products available today.

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Whatever taste you’re looking for, apollo probably have it in their premium E-liquid line. Pair their eliquid with any of the excellent ecigs from Apollo – especially their clearomizers used together with the Apollo EGO or the VTUBE and your in for an amazing vapor treat as good as it comes in 2013!