E-Liquid Nicotine

E-Liquid Nicotine

E-liquids can have the nicotine you love so much in regular cigarettes that you might not immediately be aware of. It can be safely consumed and enjoyed along with the flavor cartridges of your choice in more places than a regular cigarette would be allowed, and for much longer, too. Varying amounts of nicotine are available in flavor cart offerings from manufacturers like Vapor4Life and South Beach Smoke.

If you’re somebody who likes to mix your own flavor carts from time to time, then you’ll be able to order nicotine to add into your flavor concoctions too. Provided you are experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle concentrated amounts of nicotine at a time, you’ll have more control over your nicotine dosages than the amounts that companies are capable of giving. Start delving deeper into your nicotine habits today!

E-Liquid Is The Main Consumable In Electronic Smoking, And The Source Of Nicotine


Nicotine has always been the source of enjoyment, and even addiction, for millions upon millions of smokers across the globe. A natural stimulant and relaxant, many mistake it to be the harmful element in a cigarette, when it is really the carcinogen and tar-rich smoke that causes damage to health.

While the addictive nature of nicotine is also partly to blame for getting smokers hooked on tobacco, other products also use its natural properties to full effect. Nicotine pouches, gum, and electronic cigarettes can give smokers the stimulating, relaxing effect that smokers love so much about cigarettes, only without the health-damaging effects.

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Either way, products like patches and gum can sometimes leave a smoker with major withdrawal symptoms with a void that needs to be filled. While an e-cigarette rarely ever replaces real cigarettes with smokers, they do serve as enjoyable alternatives that are safer to health, and have plenty of variety to keep a new habit going.

Nicotine, in its most concentrated liquid form, is harmful, though. Drop for drop, it can be considered even more toxic than arsenic, but common nicotine products do not contain such concentrated amounts of the chemical in the first place. This nicotine concentrate can be bought for home mixing purposes, but must also be handled with care.

Home chemistry experiments are obviously not for everybody, so if you’d rather have your favorite flavors pre-loaded with nicotine already, then just get them on your next flavor cart order. Popular manufacturers of e-cigarettes like EverSmoke will allow you to pick dosages of nicotine before you purchase your flavor carts.

Most starter kits also allow smokers to pick nicotine dosages before purchasing, too. Volcano, and their many e-cigarette kits, offer choices ranging from no nicotine, to dosages that come close to unfiltered cigarettes. It’s always recommended that you pick a liquid nicotine dosage that matches the amount found in your favorite tobacco stick.

Specially formulated and ready to use, e-liquids will give you a much healthier way to enjoy your nicotine fix for the day. Combine your flavor cart with a battery and atomizer already in your possession, and you can enjoy a smoke without having to worry about health and annoying other people with second hand smoke.


Enjoying Nicotine in Flavored E Liquids


Even though the nicotine present in common commercial e-cigarette flavor carts is harmless to health, it’s always advisable to enjoy them in moderation. This is true in everything, from your favorite foods, TV shows, video games, and every other kind of activity you enjoy doing. You should already know this after smoking real cigarettes, too.

For newer adapters of e-cigarettes, getting that nicotine hit is as easy as clicking a mouse button to configure an online order. Leading brands of e-cigarettes offer plenty in the way of flavor carts that include nicotine, along with a multitude of extras that are bound to keep you vaping for years to come:


  • Starting packages can serve as a great entry point to the smoke-free world of e-cigarettes. Products like Vapor4Life’s Titan Starter Kits include all you need to get started with a healthier smoking habit, including liquid cartomizers that may or may not include nicotine in them. They even come with things like chargers, extra batteries and carrying cases for more value!
  • Companies like EverSmoke and Volcano offer their e-liquids separately from starter kits, and even from the cartomizers themselves. Getting your own flavor liquids to mix, match and experiment with at home can add an entirely new level of variety to your vaping experience.
  • Manufacturers who exclusively create flavor liquids are now relatively widespread; get exotic flavors not found in product offerings of popular companies cheaper, and better for the price. Many of these “flavor crafters” even allow you to pick your nicotine levels before bottling them.


It might not quite feel the same as your favorite pack of cigarettes, but they can offer you something entirely different when you need a smoke at the most inopportune of times. Containing no carcinogens and no annoying second-hand smoke, the people who surround you might also enjoy the company of a smoker even just a little bit more.


Breathing in the vapor created by e-liquids will literally leave a great taste in your mouth. You might not even notice the nicotine when you end up trying a flavor so good, whether store-bought or of your own creation. Nicotine liquids have evolved so much since the beginnings of the e-cigarette, and now offer more variety, creative possibilities, value for money, and enjoyment than ever before.


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